Try The Product Demo


Get Metamask

Download and setup the Metamask extension


Request Test Tokens

Connect your wallet, switch to Goerli or Mumbai testnet and request tokens from us.


Try A Demo Shop

Select and visit one of our example shops. Each Token will let you try a different benefit.


Connect & Activate

Click the BrandConnector module in the bottom-right corner, connect & toggle any test tokens.

Step 2

Request Test NFTs

Mint the test NFTs with Goerli or Mumbai to try it out. Each works with a different shop. With Brand Connector, you can setup any benefit you’d like.

STL Bored Ape Yacht Club (Goerli or Mumbai Network)

Use a BAYC Token to get VIP room upgrades at the Music & Events demo shop.

STL WoW (Goerli or Mumbai Network)

Use a WoW Token to get access to exclusive early drops at the Fashion demo shop.

STL Riot Racer (Goerli or Mumbai Network)

Use a Riot Racer Token to book a day at the race tracks at the Automotive demo shop.

Step 3

Select A Demo Shop

Music & Events

Uses: BAYC Token

Visit Shop


Uses: WoW Token

Visit Shop


Uses: Riot Racers Token

Visit Shop
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